Data protection

Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom collects, processes and uses personal client data if this is deemed necessary to settle the contract. This data processing is carried out in accordance with the following declaration:

Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom abides by the strict regulations stipulated by German data protection law and respects the personal sphere of its clients. You can use and try out the Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom shop while remaining totally anonymous. We will ask for your data directly before you submit a legally binding order. You can decide for yourself whether you provide us with data above and beyond the personal data required.

In order to settle the contract, it is necessary for Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom to collect and save the client's personal data. Unfortunately, the contract cannot be performed and Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom cannot carry out its service unless data has been entered in all fields marked with an "*". Additional data may, of course, be entered.

Processing location
The data will be collected and saved exclusively on the Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom server. The server is located in the Federal Republic of Germany. Data will not be transmitted to a non-EU country.

Safeguarding the confidentiality of your data by encodement
As soon as you are required to enter personal and thus confidential data, we protect your data from being intercepted by a third party ("eavesdropping"), insofar as this can be technically and reasonably possible, by encoding the data transmitted using SSL.

Until a so-called safe connection has been set up, the uncoded data is transmitted via the open Internet network. Until then there is the constant danger that a third party may intercept and/or read the transmitted data.

You can end the connection to Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom and the data transmission at any time by cancelling the service.

Checking and processing data
Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom is also entitled to check the correctness of the data provided (name, address, delivery address, bank details, credit cards or other payment data) and, if necessary, the creditworthiness of the client themselves or through a third party in accordance with the provisions of the contract. In addition, standard and permissible information can be obtained from credit enquiry agencies for commercial clients. Furthermore, Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom will check bank details and credit card data, and any other data provided for handling payments when the order is placed. Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom may, as appears just, also obtain general customary banking information from the bank in charge of an account, if this is deemed necessary for investigating creditworthiness within the framework of performing the contract.

Linking data
For invoicing purposes, Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom will link the type and number of goods and the additional price to the selling price to the ID number of the shop owner for each order placed. In so doing, it is not possible to determine the buyer's identity.

The client is reminded that cookies are used on the Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom website and when using the shop. Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom uses cookies for the following:
   • Shopping basket system
   • Affiliate programme

The cookies used by Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom save the following data:
   • Item
   • Design
   • Session ID

The cookies save this data until the browser is closed. The cookie then deletes itself.

Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom will not forward or sell personal data to any other third party or use it in any unlawful way. Insofar as specific consent is given by the client, Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom has the right to collect, process and use inventory data and other data provided voluntarily for consultation, advertising and market research purposes, and for designing the Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom service offer to meet consumer demands.

Deleting data
All client data is deleted 60 days after fully performing the contract.

The client is reminded that the website contains internal and external links which, when clicked on, may forward the client to other websites which are not operated by Jan Hagenkoetter / Infracom. You can find the respective target address to which you are forwarded to by clicking on the menu item "Properties" with the right mouse button, insofar as a small window has not already opened automatically when the link is scrolled over with the cursor.

Client rights
1. The client has the right to revoke their given consent to collecting, saving or processing personal data in the future, at any time without stating reasons.

The revocation should be directed to:

Jan Hagenkötter
Schwarzburgstr. 69
60318 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 (0)69 244 5000
Fax: +49 (0)69 244 500 20

2. You can call up your given consent to collecting, processing and using your personal data at any time. Please send an e-mail to our data protection representative or contact the address above.

As of 11.02.2007; Jan Hagenkoetter, Managing Director

Wie schützen wir Ihre Daten?

Wir stellen Ihnen die Möglichkeit zur Verfügung, Ihre Bestellung und alle damit verbundenen Daten mittels sicherer Server Übertragung (sogenannte "Secure Socket Layer", SSL) verschlüsselt an uns zu übermittel. Hierfür steht ein 128-bit Verschlüsselungsverfahren, das von der Firma Thawte, einem der Marktführer im Bereich der Verschlüsselungstechnik, entwickelt wurde, zur Verfügung. Sollten Sie Schwierigkeiten bei der Benutzung unseres Secure-Servers haben, so kann dies 2 Ursachen haben: Entweder Ihr Browser ist inkompatibel, was in sehr wenigen Fällen möglich ist, oder aber Ihr Computer ist durch eine firmeninterne Firewall o.ä. geschützt.

Bei Webseiten, die unsere Shops als Frame eingebunden haben wird das Sicherheitssymbol nicht in Ihrem Browser angezeigt. Die Übermittlung Ihrer persönlichen Daten erfolgt aber trotzdem mit einer 128-bit Verschlüsselung und ist somit sicher.

Die Daten werden auf unseren Servern, die in den Deutschland gehostet werde und durch modernste Sicherheitstechnik vor unbefugten Zugriffen Dritter geschützt sind, nur solange gespeichert, bis Ihre Bestellung komplett abgewickelt wurde und die Zeitspanne verstrichen ist, in der Sie von Ihrem Widerrufs- bzw. Rücktrittsrecht Gebrauch machen können. Anschließend werden die Daten von unseren Webservern gelöscht und existieren nur noch in der Buchhaltung unseres lokalen Netzwerkes. Durch diese Vorgehensweise sind Sie zwar gezwungen, bei jeder Bestellung erneut Ihre Adreßdaten einzugeben; wir halten diesen Aufwand jedoch für durchaus gerechtfertigt, um einen optimalen Schutz der Daten gewährleisten zu können.

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